What are the benefits of joining?

  • Discounts. Where would we be without great local bike shops to help us fix our broken bikes and provide great gear? Membership in UVMBA gets you a 10% discount at local shops plus more. Check out Membership Benefits.
  • Maps! We now have a special members-only access area with interactive trail maps! There’s even a mobile version of the Landmark/Boston Lot map for your smartphone. Sweet!
  • Altruistic. You love mountain biking and want to show your support for the hard-working trail crews who make the riding fantastic – from the fast ‘n flowy to super gnar – it doesn’t happen on it’s own and you appreciate it right down to the last bridge.
  • Strength in Numbers. Want more great trails to ride? Well that requires land access, resources and relationship-building with community members. The bigger our club is, the easier it will be to make progress on new projects.