Member Spotlight

Alyssa and Toby Marzot

What town do you live in? White River Junction
What year did you join UVMBA? 2016
Occupations: 2nd Grade Teacher (Alyssa), Pilot (Toby)
Favorite trail in the Upper Valley: Rusty Pathfinder (Alyssa), Classic B Lot winter trails when they’re packed and fast (Toby)
First mountain bike: 2015 Trek Top Fuel 8 WSD (Alyssa), 2000 Gary Fisher Paragon (Toby)
Current bike(s): Scott Spark RC 900 (Alyssa), Pivot Les SL (Toby)
Other interests: Cooking, hanging out with (spoiling) our dog, reading, and swimming
Favorite pizza topping: Sweet potatoes with a maple drizzle (Alyssa), Tofu, beets, and brussel sprouts (Toby)