Network Metrics

We believe in the power of data to help further spread our voice and impact in the Upper Valley. The blend of App data like Strava and bike counter data like TRAFx allow us to understand how and when our network is being used. This data, in turn, shows the local landowners a real value of the system and its impact on the local community.

For our trail counting program, we use TRAFx counters. We use a blend of TRAFx Vehicle Counters and TRAFx Infrared Trail counters. We feel that the blend of these high-quality counters provides us with the best view of use inside our network. Moving these counters around the network then provides deeper knowledge of the system.

Using App data like Strava with the counters then provides key metrics about Network flow and range of travel for members to the network.

For us, the key is using the data to our advantage as its very difficult to argue against data.