Winter Riding Etiquette

Guidelines for Winter Riding Conditions

  • Bikes yield to all other users
    • Use snow mobile trails as little as possible, be careful of crossing
    • Cross-country Skiers don’t have brakes, so bikes yield to them
    • Stay off of groomed Nordic ski trails.
  • Respect landowners; only ride on designated fat biking trails
  • Tires must be at least 4” tires
    • Tire pressure must be less than 10 psi
  • Don’t ride if the 24-hour snowfall total is more than 6”
    • Allow time for trails to set up after grooming
  • Don’t ride if the temp is 30F or above
    • As a general rule, if you have to get off and push your bike, the snow is too soft
    • Don’t ride if you are post-holing (if your foot is breaking through the snow surface)
    • Don’t ride if you are leaving more than a 1” rut
  • Be an ambassador for the sport!